Every resource mentioned here I’ve tried, used, or am currently using. 

I don’t recommend anything I haven’t tried or feel was useful to me.

True, owning your own Domain Name or Website is not required to start earning a decent income online.

However, I feel it’s mandatory if you plan on building any kind of business, brand, or blog in 2021 and beyond.

I primarily use 2 web hosting service providers, each for individual reasons:

Global Domains

I’ve used Global Domains for 12+ years. In my opinion, its the Pepsi to GoDaddy’s Coke. I’ve never had a problem.

I chose Global Domains for 3 reasons:

  • The FREE .ws Domain Name
  • If you want to buy a .com, you still get the .ws for FREE
  • The Global Domains International affiliate program


I’ve used GoDaddy for 15+ years. I purchased my first domain name and hosting from GoDaddy in 2005.

I chose GoDaddy for 1 reason:

  • At that time, they dominated the market. 

I’ve purchased a few more sites since then and have been loyal every since. I’ve never had any major problems; however, I’ve recently had to upgrade my hosting package due to excessive bandwidth.

There are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of affiliate programs online, I’ve focused my energy on generating income 3 ways : Passive, Transactional, and Residual.



Google Adsense by far is the EASIEST way to generate passive income on any website, blog, podcast, Youtube channel, etc. I’ve been using Adsense for just as long as I’ve had my first site 15+ years. IT’ S COMPLETELY BASED ON TRAFFIC VERY EFFECTIVE ON YOUTUBE.

In most cases you sign up, add your site or channel, a ad link ,once approved google tailors ads to your “Content



Amazon is trusted by everyone in the world. I chose the Amazon affiliate program because Amazon lets you promote products sold directly on amazon and earn commission. Nike, Gucci, candles, rims, radios, dog leashes, picture frames, etc.

Just tailor the products to your hustle: If you are a barber promote brushes or hair grease, if you do nails promote polish or nail kits, it’s simple, and it’s FREE.


ClickBank is a marketplace of digital products. I started ClickBank in 2015 I like it because all the products (at least the ones I promote) are 100% digital with in my opinion high commissions and NO CHARGE BACKS.

Just tailor the products to your hustle: If you are into health and fitness promote products about a healthy lifestyle or weight building, if you breed pit bull puppies promote a product on dog training, it’s simple, and it’s FREE.


In 2021 you can start a clothing line or merch shop in a few clicks with a variety of Print-On-Demand companies. Even if you don’t have a design or any design software it’s still simple, easy, and most of all FREE. Need design tools checkout my Graphics & Web Design Tools Section. Below is a list of my top choices for Print-On-Demand.


Global Domains International is one of the fastest growing affiliate programs online, it is a fortune 500 company that has been in business since 1999. I joined Global Domains International (GDI) in 2008 because of the FREE domain name however started generating income with their affiliate program.

Global Domains International is a web hosting provider no different than GoDaddy the only difference is: GDI pays a monthly residual for every person you refer for a FREE domain name.


I’ve tried a lot of different marketing tools, FaceBook Ads, and Instagram promos so let me say, if you are looking for natural engagement then posting regularity and interacting with your followers is the cheapest and most rewarding “morally“. Nevertheless companies pay for promotions and advertising if you want affordable marketing or advertising for you business brand or blog then Fiverr has been my go to for the last 3 years.